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Our Smart Assistant for elderly care

SICHERO is a smart vision assistant that helps the elderly live independently and safely in their own flats. It is a mini-computer equipped with cameras and artificial intelligence that monitors users’ activity, predicts falls, and sends an SOS to a nurse if needed. It's non-invasive, using only camera sensors without saving any user data. With SICHERO, the elderly can live safely in their own flats, save on nursing costs, and gain independence. Additionally, our preventive algorithms use machine learning techniques to prevent upcoming diseases.

Search Agent

LLM-based search agent

An advanced search engine designed to enhance the shopping experience, especially when the user is unsure of the exact name of the product they’re looking for. By simply describing the product, our search engine utilizes modern Large Language Models (LLMs) and Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) methods, to accurately identify and present the desired product to you. This integration of cutting-edge search agent ensures effective optimization of your product discovery, making shopping efficient and satisfying.

Dynamic Pricing

Price optimization toolkit for outdoor adds

A sophisticated toolkit for optimizing the pricing of outdoor advertisements. It analyzes pricing data patterns to determine the most optimal pricing strategy, resulting in your increased revenue. The toolkit allows you to identify high-potential, previously undiscovered locations for new outdoor banners. Additionally, it pinpoints existing banners that are not cost-effective, preventing financial losses for your company. Thus, our toolkit contributes to both enhanced pricing and placement of your ads.

Scraper Agent

Advanced web scrapper using semantic search and LLMs

An advanced web scraper, based on Large Language Models (LLMs) and Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) technology, efficiently collects desired product information, analyzes relevant web pages, and finds relevant services from internet data, optimized for rapid retrieval and analysis. The scraper also summarizes key web events — ranging from local happenings to weather updates. This efficient representation is tailor-made for further AI-driven analytics, enabling deep insights and facilitating strategic decisions.

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